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How to keep your car running smoothly

Having your car inspected and maintained regularly is vital for longevity and to keep it running smooth. After all, you want to squeeze every mile out of the engine and transmission. We will go over several methods so you can be aware and rest assured your vehicle will seamless live to up to its very last mile.

Change your oil

Now this may seem pretty obvious at first. But still hundreds of people forget to do it.  When we neglect to change our oil for the recommended amount of miles (check your vehicles manual) the engine slowly starts to perform poorly. Now this is not noticeable to you right away. But it is to your engine. Gunk and shaved metal from negligence starts to store in between your engines moving parts. Which means your wearing out your vehicles powerhouse, the heart of your car. Always keep in mind to change your oil, we recommend every 4k miles.

Get your vehicles emissions tested “Smog Check”

Why is this necessary? The redwood city smog check center goes over this on a website dedicated to only smog testings. Your car may be performing poorly due to a glitch with the emission sensors. Which causes your car to use up more fuel or even clunk while driving because the sensors tell it do so. Its necessary to get a complete check up including a smog check just to make sure everything in your vehicle is at a steady rate.

Change the transmission fluid

This is the number one car killer in the world. Transmission fluids do not need to be changed often on modern vehicles. Or even on semi older ones. Which leads us to forget until its often too late and wear and tear has taken its effects on your transmission. Your vehicles transmission has the most moving parts at high temperature. keeping these parts cooled and moisten with fluids is necessary to keeping your car running smooth while also making its life longevity even longer.

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Change your air filter 

While this may not make your car run any worst. It will hurt your gas mileage. Having a dirty air filter will cause your sensor to over compensate for power because not enough sufficient will be passing through the intake. simply visit your local auto goods ware house where they will help you find the correct fitment for you car.


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